Lake Windemere b-7 School

Student Leadership

Students are provided with a range of opportunities to develop skills of leadership, organisation and compassionate citizenship. These include student action teams, house captains, presenting at assembly, courtesy students roles, tour guides, class buddies, cross age tutoring programs and as part of student forums on issues such as school uniform design and developing the school values.

Student leadership activities link strongly with learning about citizenship and the processes involved in a democracy. They can assist all students to learn about, and exercise, the rights and responsibilities of participating in a community that values social justice.

House Captains   

Year 6/7 students have the opportunity to be a House Captain for one of the four school Houses,

The Houses


Tangakka (pythons) - red

Kurti (sharks) - green

Tuparra (blue tongued lizards) - blue

Pilla wilto (eagles) - yellow

There is one female and one male appointed for each house.  The House Captains assist in a variety of sporting and organisational activities. Leading their House in the annual Sports Day is a highlight of their leadership role.

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