Lake Windemere b-7 School

Student Leadership

Students are provided with a range of opportunities to develop skills of leadership, organisation and compassionate citizenship. These include student action teams, house captains, presenting at assembly, courtesy students roles, tour guides, class buddies, cross age tutoring programs and as part of student forums on issues such as school uniform design and developing the school values.

Sports Day House Captains

Lake Windemere students have the opportunity to become Sports Day Captains for Sports Day. All year 6 and 7 students must write an application describing themselves as a learner, their relationships with peers, staff and school community, their behavior in class and the year and lastly why they should be chosen as a captain. The Sports Day Committee read all applications sent through by our students and select captains. Sports Day Captains must demonstrate strong leadership, commitment to the school values and represent their team. The house captains represent the following school houses;

The Houses

Tangu - red

Nakulda- green

Pila - blue

Tupurra - yellow


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